The UNESCO Read and Earn Federation (UNESCO REF) finds it paramount that meaningful enrichment and sustainable programmes should be put in place towards the renaissance of three identified critical areas among the youth, which are;

  • Intellectual Capacity Building,
  • Leadership Capacity Building and
  • Economic Capacity Building,

These three critical areas of improvement are entrenched in the ten year TAP Project, launched on August 15, 2017, in Nigeria.

Without a doubt, this country’s youth population boasts some of the most original creative’s in the world. Given the right tools and environment, Nigerian youths can compete at the highest levels in various industries and exceed expectations. TAP Project will accelerate the provision of such improved competencies and capabilities.

It is our hope that this very timely project will enlighten Nigerian youths about the dynamics of international markets, exposing them to globally recognized and proven wealth creation strategies, and doubtlessly, satisfying the ambition of president Buhari’s administration to making Nigeria an economic powerhouse.

Africa needs all her young people, and she needs them wise in the business ways of the world. No one is coming to save us. We owe ourselves our salvation. We owe ourselves our rescue. TAP will establish us firmly in that march towards economic independence. We are aware of the potential impact of this Project, and are optimally hopeful of producing a flood of empowered young people, with a deliberate focus on popular inclusivity for women. We aim to relaunch the authority of originality in enterprise, and to encourage the intersection of fresh ideas, “the sex of ideas” as Matt Ridley puts it in his book, The Rational Optimist.

 I congratulate you enrolling for TAP Project, I assure you all of our unflinching commitment to your success. Indeed, these are exciting times. Creativity and innovation remain the hallmarks of thriving nations in today’s world, and we’re privileged to put Nigeria on the march towards it. Let us remember that today’s marketplace frustration and hard-to-till entrepreneurial land is tomorrow’s street anger and restlessness.

I end my remarks by reiterating TAP Team abiding dedication to the completion of this project and the roaring success of Nigeria’s young people in their chosen fields. We’re fully committed and will do all in our power to launch a new era of economic productivity among our blissfully large youth population as we march towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Economic Development.


Thank you.

Prince Abdulsalami Ladigbolu FABE (UK)

GLOBAL Director

TAP Project.