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September 21, 2019
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October 5, 2019|By: Abdiaziz Ali|SDM

Today is the World Teachers Day, a UNESCO day to celebrate the vital role of teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. this vests children and adults of all ages to learn to part in and contribute development narratives and endeavors to the global in general and that of their local community in particularly.

Teachers have the operating stuff of every new mind that demands to applaud an intel to operate in the real world. Teachers are crucial for country’s development because of their more than knife factory work that produces sharp mind lifts millions out of poverty, bringing innovating ideas that eases the sophisticated world in to the simple and changes island in to the villages just because of the good applaud from the very begging. But as their role they don’t get the recognition they deserve to get.

In practice, we know whenever a teacher asks his student; what are you going to be in the future? We all know the answer, isn’t it? In case you didn’t heard it before is like this; I want to be a Doctor. Their Why students are answering like that? I don’t mean they should say Doctor as it is valid answer to give and don’t oppose. But why? While the teacher is the very close person next to parents. Because, we are who are in the real world including teachers themselves that is teaching young students other lessons and narrations; that teaching profession is not a place to rush.

It is teacher who knows that he is making other professions possible. Maybe he didn’t well save this in to his heart and mind or he is well noted that teaching works is just a bridge occupation and is a work that no one needs to last otherwise, you will end like a candle. Who knows?.

This is the mentality set that we need defeat for good cause and reason at least if this is horrific to hear and touches to o us as an education society. I taught two solid years and at least I know what is like to be a teacher in my country, how government treats and what status teacher has in the society. We need to figure out how teachers produce a student that dreams to be a teacher who can uphold the teaching profession.

Therefore, before I conclude my piece I view words like poem, I am asking to all of us who are engaged in to the education felid like this; how can we work together from our every capacity including Government, International Community, United nations, education professional, Community and others, to make teachers Kings and the teaching profession the Queens? the discussion is open and you can add your notes in the next episode stay tuned.

You taught us Teacher
Make us feel Proud
You gave us knowledge
Transferred your talents
Filled Empty Foreheads
Look how the Champions
You Gave the Skills
Taking their Share
To Make you the King
To Care for ever Good.

I have no doubt a faithful day that you get what you deserve is not far away any more…but for now I say Congratulations TEACHER! May your Future and health always shine.

Abdiaziz Ali
Abdiaziz Ali is a former teachers, educationist, prolific writer, campaigner and education advocate. Mr. Ali lives Jigjiga, Ethiopia and can be reached through abdaiziz172@gmail.com